We are the #1 Solar Live Transfer Company in the U.S

With over 20 years of experience in the solar industry, Touchstone’s solar experts have mastered the art of generating exclusive, high-quality residential solar leads, and connecting prospects with homeowners at a scalable rate. Touchstone Communications is a U.S. company based in Fort Worth, TX that owns and operates six contact centers across Asia employing the best in-house solar resources and talent.

Solar Lead Generation Services That Drive Revenue

Touchstone Communications provides high quality exclusive solar lead generation services to solar companies and businesses in the US and Canada.
We are committed to help your business generate more solar leads, and boosting your revenue through three types of lead generation services:

  1. Live Transfers
  2. Scheduled Zoom Appointments and Meetings
  3. In-house Appointments

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Convert More Solar Leads into Sales

We understand the ROI metrics in the solar industry. Leads must be qualified to convert into meetings and subsequently convert into revenue. We can share the actual cost per sale in dollars and dollars per kilowatt installed.

We build digital marketing campaigns that generate leads. But our “secret sauce” is that Touchstone then contacts these leads by phone, insuring that each lead meets client requirements for a qualified lead. Typical filters include:

  • Must be the actual homeowner
  • Minimum current electric bill (usually $150 or more)
  • Must self-report good or excellent credit
  • Must be in the client’s geographic service area
  • Must be interested in exploring options
  • Roof must be unobstructed

We have years of experience combined with state-of-art software to capture the right prospects and convert them into qualified leads. We deliver lead data simultaneously with the live transfer so that your sales executives can see all the information we have captured while they are being introduced to the homeowner. We help you boost sales at low conversion costs, leading to high ROI and enormous opportunities for scalability.

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Here’s how you can benefit through our Solar Energy Live Transfer Services


Solar live transfer leads are a cost-effective way to acquire new high-intent leads, as they eliminate the need for traditional advertising methods such as cold-calling or in-person advertising.

Increased Efficiency

Solar Live transfer leads are directly transferred to you, and your preferred mode of communication, providing a higher rate of conversion as opposed to traditional lead generation strategies.

Save Time

Instead of prospecting for industry-specific clients, your solar company will receive more sales calls, which will save you time and will allow you to focus on core business competencies, and what matters the most.

Qualified Leads

Solar leads generated through solar live transfers are pre-screened and qualified through quality assurance and industry best practices, saving time for sales representatives and increasing the likelihood of closing more solar deals.

Real-time Lead Generation

The leads are generated in real-time, providing an immediate opportunity for sales representatives to engage with potential customers.

Personalized to your needs

Solar live transfer lead generation campaigns can be customized based on specific criteria such as geographic location, household income, and more to target the right audience for your solar company.

Hire the best in-house solar resources at a fraction of the cost

Through our solar lead generation services at Touchstone Communications, you can start with as few as five live transfers per day. We can integrate into your CRM or provide our own data transfer system at no cost. Our team of experts is committed to help you reach your sales target goals, and maximize your business revenue through industry-best practices. Trust our solar lead generation experts to skyrocket your sales and business revenue by generating qualified leads through our omni-channel platform.
Connect with us today to learn how our cost-saving services can elevate your solar business and take solar lead generation to the next level.