Professional Dynametric Program at Touchstone Communications

Professional Dynametric Program at Touchstone Communications

Professional Dynametrics Program, or PDP, has helped Touchstone adopt innovative and contemporary approaches to management through the “customized people management” approach. PDP is a statistical tool that determines work/communication styles and behavioral tendencies of employees in normal as well as stressful situations. With an accuracy rate of 96%, PDP is the best guide in determining the right role and the right team for individuals. It has proven to be a very effective tool for corporate leaders in determining how best to manage their employees.

Touchstone is affiliated with an authorized US based distributor and consultant of PDP and helps some of the leading telecoms of Pakistan in adopting the modern styles of people management with the use of this model. Touchstone is available to incorporate the PDP model with consultancy for any organization looking to adopt the best management practices.

If your company needs assistance in correctly placing employees and/or learning new management techniques, contact Touchstone or call us at 844-435-9191. Our friendly staff will assist you with any questions you may have. 

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