Outbounding Calling by Touchstone Communications

Outbounding Calling by Touchstone Communications

Touchstone has pioneered in evolving security, dish, cable and warranty telesales to new heights by taking on the critical task of closing. Through our experienced sales staff, telemarketing in these sectors has become a comprehensive package, where we can connect with a customer from the initial contact until the final decision in one phone call.

Our sales method is easier for the customer, as there are not too many intermediate steps, and much easier for our clients, who only have to worry about delivering the product or service at the customer’s doorstep. We are known for maintaining some of the highest conversion rates. Any client looking for the best closers in the market should look no further. We have a saying at Touchstone:

“Coffee is for closers only”.

Touchstone can provide your company with exceptional outbounding calling services. If you're looking for an efficient and successful sales team, contact Touchstone or call us today at 844-435-9191. 

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