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  • Touchstone is a recognized leader in outbound lead generation, producing high converting exclusive leads.
  • Touchstone maintains a database of every US homeowner and property with data specialists using AI and machine learning to identify high potential prospects.


The premier omni-channel outbound service is the Live Transfer of qualified prospects directly to your sales staff. These leads convert at far higher rates than data leads. Touchstone was built as an outbound call center providing leads in the mortgage, solar, and insurance industries.


Lead Generation

  • Touchstone’s lead generation is a technique that builds visibility, credibility, acceptance for your brand in the mind of consumers.
  • Lead Generation focuses on identifying qualified prospects that are ready to move forward.


Generating quality leads is one of the strongest domains of Touchstone. We generate qualified leads with proven lead generation techniques with guaranteed higher conversion rates for our clients. Drive targeted leads using our multi-channel solutions and agents trained in specific industries.

At Touchstone, you get higher conversion rates from qualified leads at less cost and time.


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Mortgage Live Transfer

  • Touchstone was founded by mortgage professionals who had built a $32 billion mortgage portfolio. For our first few years, Touchstone worked exclusively in the mortgage industry.
  • Mortgage is in our DNA. We get information from HMDA and maintain a database of every property and borrower in the U.S. We nurture this data to identify homeowners that are primed for a refi offer.


Touchstone has mastered generating high-quality mortgage leads with outbound lead generation.  Well-trained agents qualify the lead and transfer the borrower live to your LO phones and simultaneously deliver the qualifying data in your CRM or our live data portal.

Your loan officers can see the property address, estimated property value, current APR, and the amount of equity for each borrower. In live-transferring them to you, we connect motivated homeowners with your loan officers producing a pipeline of high converting leads to drive outbound lead generation and growth.

High converting leads sell for a premium price because they convert into funded loans at rates that exceed other lead channels. Touchstone, as an outbound call center uses a state-of-art software and skilled agents, developing a data-driven approach to capture the leads. Cold calling is one cold strategy, PPC ads generate additional leads which are often converted into live conversations that can be transferred.


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Solar Live Transfer

  • Get qualified leads with high conversion rates.
  • Touchstone’s agents have mastered generating high-quality solar leads and connecting prospects with clients at relatively low prices in the outbound lead generation industry.


We conduct outbound lead generation operations on multi-channels to not miss out on potential leads on any channel. Touchstone offers a variety of Solar Panel lead options that our Quality Assurance Department scrutinizes to ensure all client requirements are fulfilled.

We provide Solar Lead Generation Services to top solar companies in the US Nationwide; appointment setting & live transfer are crucial/important factors in revenue generation!

We have years of experience combined with state-of-art software to capture the right prospects and convert them into qualified leads. We help you boost sales at low conversion cost leading to high ROI and enormous opportunities for scalability.

Trust our solar lead generation experts to skyrocket your sales by generating qualified leads on multi-channel. Schedule an appointment with us today.


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  • With more than a decade of experience, Touchstone is an expert in generating auto warranty leads.
  • Get qualified leads at a low cost and a high conversion rate by capturing prospects who need insurance for their current vehicle.


It doesn’t just stop there; our experts are trained to cross-sell different services. That may even complement other relevant services like Auto & Home Insurance sales that qualify to bundle with health & life Insurance.

Touchstone is at the top of the game when generating qualified auto warranty leads. We use machine learning and make data-driven decisions to turn prospects into lifelong customers. An auto warranty is the need of every person in this vehicle-driven world. We will capture the right opportunities to produce a high ROI at a low cost. With our agents calling to get converting leads, you can prepare to expand your business. Contact us today for your brighter future.


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Appointment Setting

  • Nothing converts higher than face-to-face appointments.
  • Touchstone has developed skills to set appointments for product presentations for various industries.


These industries include vacation time sharing programs and in-home solar sales appointments that are:

  • Available 24/7 in all 50 states
  • Our agents set appointments with qualified prospects
  • Fast ramp up times available.

Appointment setting is one of the toughest parts of generating qualified leads yet the most promising to increase sales. With the most extensive database of prospects, machine leading, and other AI programs, Touchstone agents are better equipped to decide which have the high potential of converting and delivering a high rate of qualified sale appointments.

Touchstone will help you with our years of experience to get the reservations you want at a bargain. Book your appointment with us today.


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  • Touchstone’s E-Commerce website’s online protection is vital for several reasons.
  • Our main goal is shielding clients’ privacy and sensitive data on an internet site, safeguarding the budget of an online commercial enterprise, preventing fraud and financial scams.


The lifeblood of the security system industry is quality leads. With Touchstone’s best-in-industry homeowner database, campaigns target income, property type, and value to call on high potential households. Associate teams are recruited, trained, and managed to deliver exclusive leads customized for companies that want to scale.


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