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  • Customer service outsourcing has been around for 25 years.
  • S. companies typically outsource customer service to save costs.
  • Touchstone clients save 40-70% compared to the cost of in-house U.S. companies.


Today, BPO outsourcing has evolved beyond just a cost savings strategy. Touchstone has redefined what it means to be a BPO contact center to include:

  • Access to a team of agents providing services on superior cloud-based technology platforms that accelerate business processes.
  • Offer specialized skill sets not easily available to companies due to geographic location, available talent, or the high cost of the specialized skills
  • Call center analytics reporting that provide actionable insights into customer interactions
  • Building entire teams exclusively dedicated to providing knowledge-based processes that improve the quality and efficiency of the process.
  • Growing beyond Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) to Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO)

Outsourcing is evolving from just saving clients’ money to retaining specialized skills that deliver results beyond a company’s current capabilities—entire teams
Customer service outsourcing redefines the way companies look at their loss of revenue, and customer interactions identify ways to resolve customer issues and increase customer loyalty.

Our BPO Contact Center can build and provide a valuable knowledge base that can be used to develop or improve client programs, operations, and staff functions such as marketing, legal, and accounting. Our Learning Management System or LMS is an in-house application platform that provides our agents with real-time live feedback and a dashboard for clients to see, in near real-time, output and quality of performance.


Call Analytics

  • For more than a decade, Touchstone has been a leading BPO Contact Center in providing call analytic services to industry leaders in the automotive and financial services industry.
  • Call analytics uses technology and trained staff to analyze calls and customer interactions to uncover problems and opportunities.
  • Clients using call analytics typically see a 40% improvement.


For instance, car dealerships that implement call analytics will see 40% more test drives with the same ad spend. Mortgage companies report 40% higher call to application rates when call analytics is put in place.

Touchstone uses its own proprietary call analytics solution as well as industry-leading platforms. These tools capture, generate and analyze valuable customer data. In addition, key interactions can be transcribed and important information can be delivered to client CRMs or data systems.

We use high-precision speech recognition tools that accelerate analysis and determine soft data such as empathy and customer sentiment. Touchstone has equipped its agents with the best state-of-art software to get the best results out of the recordings. Our clients receive an accurate transcription of voice or video into understandable information they can use.


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  • Touchstone provides clients with accounting professionals at every level.
  • From basic data entry and bookkeeping to high-level CPA, Touchstone can provide high-quality accounting services at tremendous cost savings.


Outsource accounting services can also accelerate turnaround times by having teamwork overnight so that executives see complete reports each morning for the previous day. Touchstone has accounting staff fully trained in QuickBooks and expert Excel skills.

Get exceptional accounting services, including financial reporting, audit support & more, at low costs.


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Legal Services

  • It is really amazing that fully trained attorneys can be obtained at a fraction of the cost of hiring an attorney in the U.S.
  • Most of the top law firms in the U.S. maintain a team of offshore attorneys to lower costs, improve turnaround times, and process time-demanding services such as deposition summaries.


Oftentimes, there are even attorneys licensed in the U.S. available at Touchstone. As a PCI-compliant BPO Contact Center, the security standards provide data protection and security. Touchstone provides customized multi-channel legal services to legal professionals and law firms. Our contact center makes sure to keep your confidential data secure by employing high-level security along with providing accurate and timely legal counsel.


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Marketing Services

  • The cost of marketing for small and mid-sized businesses has never been higher.
  • The Internet, more channels, and more competition have combined to create a more difficult environment for businesses to connect with prospects.
  • Touchstone has a complete digital agency available to deliver marketing services at a fraction of the cost in the U.S.


Today, customers do research and go deeper into the sales funnel before they are identifiable to sales staff. This means marketing has to work harder to engage, inform, and even entertain in order to build a customer journey that results in an opportunity to complete a sale.

Outsourcing marketing can be as little as tapping Touchstone to create video or animation to as much as outsourcing the entire lead gen process. Our marketing services include web design, SEO, LinkedIn optimization, video and animation, social media including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Have Touchstone manage your online brand and conversations to engage prospects and maximize sales opportunities. Combined with our omni-channel customer service, brands can provide an extraordinary customer experience. We convert the right prospects into loyal customers using agents with exceptional selling pitches. Augment your customer relationships with our marketing services.


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  • Touchstone has fully trained HR teams to help small and medium businesses streamline their human resource processes at little expense.
  • We provide cost-effective HR solutions, efficiently fulfilling all HR duties, allowing you to focus on other interviewing finalists or handling the most important HR issues.


By outsourcing HR, companies can respond effectively with all applicants and identify top prospects more efficiently. Touchstone’s BPO contact center can manage conversations in all channels including website forms, email, social media, LinkedIn, and even SMS text. We can expand coverage hours to provide responsive action to candidates.

HR outsourcing also includes managing HR systems to cover performance reviews, HR software maintenance, record keeping, scheduling, and QA/Training resources. Ensure compliance with state and local regulations by having a team of resources dedicated to HR excellence.


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