Outsourcing call center services has become an increasingly popular business decision as factors like improved customer service and cost savings have motivated many companies to highly consider these services. Inbound call center outsourcing is a more beneficial and viable option when you’re looking at improving your day-to-day business operations and generating more business revenue. Businesses that outsource their call centers can increase their workforce efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction rates.

However, it is important to understand what  inbound call center outsourcing services work best for you before looking towards an outsourcing company.

In this blog, we will explore 7 benefits of inbound call center outsourcing for your business.

Choosing the right Inbound Call Center Outsourcing Services

Choosing the right inbound call center outsourcing services will have a significant impact on your business’s success. Your company’s voice, culture and value proposition will be communicated through the inbound calls made by your agents. Choice of agents and location is also key, with a more attractive option always being preferable.

Furthermore, before making the decision to hire an outsourcing company, it is important to keep in mind that inbound call center outsourcing services deal directly with the customer service channel of your business. Therefore, the outsourced agents will be front-liners in representing your brand, which makes it equally important for them to be specialized in your industry.

Inbound contact centers that handle incoming customer inquiries need to be able to communicate with customers quickly, accurately and comprehensively. This includes answering questions on any topic, whether they’re inbound inquiries or cancellations. In addition, they need to be able to track calls, manage call queues and redirect calls appropriately when necessary.


The difference between Answering Services and Call Center Services

answering services vs. call center services

Call center services offer a broad range of services including omni channel bpo services, resource management, complaint handling, order processing, technical support, omni channel inbound services and customer service. They usually operate 24/7 and are staffed by a large number of in-house customer support representatives and agents.

A call center will be able to focus on a specific customer segment through customized marketing campaigns and methods that appeal to specific needs and wants. Call centers are also able to provide highly advanced technologies that can help your business cut operational costs, enhance effectiveness and boost productivity levels. 

Answering services, on the other hand, are specialized services, and are typically used for low volume, emergency calls. Answering services handle calls during non-business hours such as during weekends, or in evenings, and often cannot provide live assistance due to the nature of their services. Most calls under an answering service are forwarded to concerned departments or authorities, and are only able to provide basic information to customers at most.

Therefore, answering services are more industry or client-specific and may cater to a limited number of clients, making them specialized services for clients and businesses that require an in-depth understanding of their products and services.

Industries that can capitalize with inbound support services

Banking and Finance:

Whether it’s a seasonal demand or the tax season, which often results in high call volumes and customer queries, finance and banking institutions can better prepare for such scenarios, as well as expand their existing operations with inbound call center outsourcing.

With inbound answering services, you can meet your customers’ needs in nearly any way they want to be met. It may be via a live or recorded message, or by email. You can determine how frequently you contact your customer, such as every day, or multiple times per week.

Moreover, the banking and finance sector can also benefit from cloud-based contact center solutions instead of relying on traditional paperwork and other practices that are better performed by automation strategies.


best medical answering service

Call center outsourcing has become a prominent way to leverage the day-to-day needs and services for the healthcare industry. The healthcare industry covers a range of practices, from the hospitals to outpatient care and from medical insurance to the local pharmacy. All rely on call center technology and inbound call center solutions, without which very little would be accomplished.

According to a recent study, patients prefer to book their medical appointments and enquire about their medical requirements over the phone before visiting a medical center. In-fact, the best medical answering service requires 24/7 availability of staff, which cannot be achieved without outsourcing inbound call center services.

This makes inbound call center outsourcing a must-have for the healthcare industry. Furthermore, call center agents are employed to manage communication across channels as well as payments and collections.


A majority of the operations pertaining to the retail industry occur over the phone. These include inbound order taking services, payment processing, customer queries and inquiries regarding products and feedback on services. Despite the emergence of digital technologies and ecommerce solutions, inbound call center outsourcing still remains very relevant to the retail industry even today.

Round the clock customer support is essential for the retail industry because customers will frequently enquire about their orders, and would want their issues to be resolved as soon as possible. With inbound call center outsourcing services, 24/7 availability of agents has become a reality for the retail industry.

Logistics and Transport

The logistics and trucking industry can greatly benefit from inbound call center outsourcing in managing day-to-day operations such as freight tracking, route guidance and dispatch services. The availability of an expert to oversee and guide in-house teams during these key operations will enhance productivity and workforce effectiveness.

Furthermore, the transport and logistics industry can also benefit from industry knowledge acquired by a team of experts to maximize revenue generation, and improve core business operations to meet a diverse set of logistic challenges.

7 remarkable benefits of Inbound Call Center Outsourcing for businesses

24/7 Customer Service:

call handling services

24/7 customer service is critical to any business. The higher the level of services you offer, the more likely your customers are to return. Oftentimes, businesses over-invest in their call center because they don’t have enough personnel available to cover all of the hours in a day. This results in less productivity levels and customer service that does not meet quality standards.

Outsourcing call handling services to an external inbound team helps you extend business hours so you can provide exceptional customer service 24/7. This will also boost your brand impression as 24/7 customer service availability leads to better customer reviews and feedback.

More than just saving time and money, round-the-clock inbound call handling services reduce stress levels for your clients as well. While they are relieved to know that they can always contact you on their own terms and make an appointment outside of working hours, they also get a more personal experience with professional service agents that answer their questions right away.

Moreover, with round the clock inbound customer service outsourcing, your outbound lead generation services will also improve, as customer services outsourcing gives you exclusive access to a team of experts that dedicate their time to high-intent lead generation. 

Significant Cost Savings:

One of the greatest advantages of inbound call center outsourcing is that it can help to reduce costs associated with staffing and managing day to day business operations. This is because outsourced inbound contact centers not only have access to various industry experts, but also they make effective use of the latest technologies and services to deliver a high quality service.

The best inbound service providers bring together the skills of industry experts, access to the latest technologies, and use of top performing systems and industry best practices so that clients can gain a competitive advantage by offering affordable yet innovative services to their customers.

Nonetheless, with inbound customer service outsourcing, your business will never have to worry again about costly training and development programs as you will have access to a team of dedicated experts to get the job done for you.

Boost productivity:

Businesses often face major setbacks when their in-house teams are not performing at their full capacity. This can either be due to a lack of resources or an excessive amount of burden on existing teams. In such cases, businesses are often unable to meet their sales targets and business goals.

With inbound call center outsourcing, your business will have access to an exclusive team of experts that will help you boost the productivity levels of in-house teams. As a result, your business will be able to generate a higher quality output, allowing internal teams to focus on core competencies such as customer-centric activities, enhancing the quality of services and products, and implementing new business strategies.

Additionally, the morale of in-house teams is also significantly boosted, as they aren’t overburdened or overworked while achieving certain goals and objectives. In-house teams also have access to a wide range of technologies and expert industry knowledge, which can really help in enhancing existing day-to-day business operations.

Industry expertise:

With inbound call center outsourcing, your business can have access to a team of industry experts, which are also cost-effective. These experts have access to professional and industry best resources and practices to drive results for businesses under any niche.

Furthermore, industry experts are also better equipped to understand the needs and requirements of customers better, as they have an in-depth understanding of the target audience. This helps businesses save costs that would be utilized in training and development of in-house teams.

Access to modern technology:

Inbound Call Center Outsourcing

Through inbound support services, your business will have access to the latest set of technologies and digital methodologies that will not only enhance your customer service operations, but also help you stay ahead of your consumer demands and queries, enabling agents to address them effectively, while also allowing them to do what they are best at doing.

The future is all about digitalization and the incorporation of innovative technologies.. Consumers are looking for one-to-one interactions with businesses to get the information and fulfillment they want, especially in the virtual world. An inbound call center outsourcing service will help you respond faster to these changes by providing your business with more modern communication tools.

Improved customer satisfaction:

Inbound Call Center Outsourcing

Outsourcing inbound operations to a call center comes with its own set of advantages that make it a worthwhile option for companies. Here’s why outsourcing to an inbound call center is a win-win situation for many companies.

  1. They have already trained agents adept at taking calls, booking appointments, and more.
  2. You get a dedicated resource to perform all the inbound needs be it answering calls, giving guidance, getting feedback, or getting follow-ups.
  3. Improve the customer experience for clients as they can resolve conflicts, get quick feedback and pick up calls on time. Hiring an agent has a positive impact on customer experience.
  4. Reduce costs as you don’t have to spend on training the agent. Call centers hire and train the agent as per the client’s needs. You will also have no need left for an in-house setup as the agent in the call center will have full access to the required assets.
  5. You are spared the hassle of recruiting an agent. You can hire trained agents and as many as you require.
  6. It can increase the retention rate of clients for companies as they get a better and faster response as well as the full attention of the agent.

Furthermore, when you outsource your contact center services to a team of experts, your customers will have a better impression of your company, as their concerns and queries will be effectively dealt with on time. Customers will also feel more appreciated and valued by a higher level of customer service.

Focus on core competencies:

Inbound Call Center Outsourcing

Perhaps the most significant benefit of inbound call center outsourcing is freeing up internal resources, helping your business focus on core competencies, and meeting objectives that would otherwise be put in hold due to a lack of resources. .

You are putting your company at risk if you don’t protect your internal resources. Outsourcing can free up internal resources and help them focus on what they do best, allowing your company to focus on driving revenue and results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is inbound outsourcing?

Ans: Outsourcing the operations of handling incoming calls and customer queries to a call center is called inbound call center outsourcing. By letting a well-reputed call center handle your customer service channel and key customer-centric operations, a business can enhance customer experiences and boost productivity.

Inbound call center outsourcing also helps businesses cut costs and hire industry experts to enhance the performance of in-house teams.

  1. Why should I opt for inbound call center outsourcing?

Ans: Inbound call center outsourcing is an excellent solution for companies looking for adept and dedicated resources to answer incoming calls, customer complaints, queries, and handle order and payment processing.

Call centers have trained agents who can handle all of these operations with relative ease, and without facing any delay. Hiring an outsourced inbound agent can benefit businesses in more than one way; it is a great solution for businesses looking to generate more leads and save costs.

  1. What are the biggest benefits of inbound call center outsourcing?

Ans: There are multiple benefits of inbound call center outsourcing, but some major benefits of inbound call center outsourcing include:

  1. Increased efficiency with dedicated industry experts: Perform business operations more effectively and efficiently with a team of dedicated professionals to assist in-house teams.
  2. No more missed calls, which means no more lost business: With expert resources available round the clock, your business will never miss an important business call again.
  3. Improved brand reputation due to 24/7 availability of agents:
  4. Reduced operational costs and business expenses.

What are the different types of outsourcing services?

Inbound call center services that can be outsourced are:

  1. Inbound Sales Outsourcing
  2. Technical Support that involves problem-solving, complaint handling, and more
  3. Appointment Setting
  4. Guidance regarding business services or products
  5. Contract Renewals
  6. Billing and Order Processing
  7. Sales Inquiries

How is Touchstone’s inbound call center outsourcing different?

Touchstone Communications has decades of experience in the inbound call center industry.

Here are some key benefits of choosing Touchstone Communications as your BPO partner: 

  1. Cut Expenses by 40% to 70%
  2. Improve Service Levels with our Omni Channel Outbound Services.
  3. Secure and Smooth Transactions with our PCI-DSS Compliant Services
  4. Rapid Scalability of your Business; Upgrade to 24/7 Customer Service.