SweetSolutionsfor the Travel Industry!

Two Bitter TruthsAbout the Travel Industry

Two Bitter TruthsAbout the Travel Industry.

Two Bitter TruthsAbout the Travel Industry.

Sweet Solutionsfor the Travel Industry!

Lower Costs. Increase Profits.

Travel companies have learned how to manage remote workers. Now they can access highly skilled travel reservation specialists at a fraction of the cost of hiring in-house. Lower labor costs 40%-70%. Profits soar.

Outsourcing Saves 40%-70%Example for outsourcing 10 Travel Reservation Specialists

Scale Faster

Covid took the travel industry down fast. Now demand has come roaring back demanding travel companies to scale immediately. Outsourcing to Touchstone can accelerate growth by creating a dedicated and exclusive team of experienced travel agents ready to grow your bookings.

Sourcing High Quality Talent has Never Been Harder

Airlines, hotels, and travel agencies are all scrambling to find qualified, experienced travel specialists. And even if you can find them, the cost is through the roof. Now companies of every size can enjoy the lower costs and higher service level of quality outsourcing that big travel companies have enjoyed for years.

Improve Customer Service by Outsourcing

Yes, contrary to popular opinion, it is actually possible to improve customer service and the overall customer journey by outsourcing. How?

  • Expanded Hours of Service.

Improve accessibility to your clients. Consider how being available 24/7 could increase customer satisfaction and grow revenue.

  • Omni-Channel Service.

Improve customer service by improving how customers can reach you. Touchstone’s platform provides simultaneous communication on all channels including voice, email, SMS/Text, live chat, and more.

  • Travel Concierge Service.

Touchstone can provide 24/7 service to your customers while they are traveling. From texting a Google map to a lost client, to handling a rebooking mid-trip. Provide customer solutions for your customers as they travel.

Lower Risk

The future is unknown. The pandemic showed us that it is sometimes necessary to lower costs quickly. Outsourcing provides travel companies with the ability to quickly scale up and down with less risk. You can grow (or shrink) without dealing with office space leases, equipment acquisition, and recruitment and layoff issues. Let Touchstone bear these risks so that you can focus on growing your revenue and profits.

“Outsourcing to Touchstonewas smart, cost-effective, and simple.”

Travel Best Bets Claire Newell, CEO

Questions? Ready to Grow?

Learn how simple it is to outsource to Touchstone. Get answers to your questions. Meet the people that could be the start of your team. Big savings and growing revenue are SWEET SOLUTIONS from Touchstone for the travel industry.

About Touchstone

Founded in 2003, Touchstone Communications is a U.S. company that owns and operates five (5) facilitiesacross Asia.

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