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At Touchstone our pledge over the past 15 years has been to deliver quality for every client , small or large. In fact one of our existing clients had this to say last year, " I have been in this business for 50+ years and to be honest I have never experienced this kind of lead quality, never ". Our 400+ employees understand this commitment ,demonstrating daily (attendance averages 96% a day) that they can deliver leads that exceed the client's expectation. Based on the fact we have never lost a client because of poor quality, they are proving it day in and day out!

Chairman & CEO, Tom Slone
Tom Slone
Chairman & CEO

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Honest and very innovative

I have worked with Touchstone for over 4 years and their ability to generate leads in different verticals is excellent. Their management is easy to work with, transparent, honest and very innovative. I like their approach which ensures goals are met.

Ron Beri, CEO Sure Touch Leads

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